Good Services

“Though my overall experience was good at SDL I see many things to be improved especially precise communication avail the reports online and keep TAT. That would be the challenge you are going to face amoung the reference centers in Calicut city. Anyways thanks to SDL Admin for all the help for doing my annual health checkup.”

Sujith Calicut

Good Service in Healthcare

I congratulate the people behind the success of Saroj Lab for expanding their services at Perambra. All the best for upcoming projects.

Vinod Vishwanath Calicut

My Experience @ Saroj

My experience was good at Saroj. They are a team focus on quality. Let this be a blessing and continue the services, all the best.

Raghav Nambiar Calicut

Best in Perambra

Saroj Medical Centre keeps quality,precision and accuracy.

Sujith Calicut

Quality Testing

It was amazing to see a wonderful ambiance of medical testing in Perambra. This is a milestone in Perambra’s health awareness. Best of luck to the initiators.

Rajan UAE

Good Start

I usually do all my tests at Calicut because of convenience and satisfaction . This time one of my neighbors suggested me SAROJ , and was very good to be there. Now I am a regular customer. I observe there is improvement required in handling a peak time. Hope it would be taken care.

Joseph Calicut

Good experience

It was very wonderful to be at SDL. I really appreciate the people behind Saroj Diagnostic Laboratory. A well quality is maintained as well as nice infrastructure. I had a great experience. All the very best. Thanks SDL for the service.


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