Agfa CR15

Company: Agfa
  • Affordable for a broad range of applications.
  • Convenient and efficient workflow, with user controllable speed and resolution.
  • Robust yet easy to install and maintain.
  • Fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications.
  • Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration.
  • Highly versatile, the compact CR 15-X offers an ideal solution for decentralized hospital environments, clinics and private practices.

CLINITEK Status+ Urine Analyzer (Germany)

Company: SIEMENS

The CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer features new automatic checks (Auto-Checks*). The analyzer automatically checks each test strip for humidity exposure, common sample interferences** and strip identification for Siemens test strips. Together, these provide improved clinical information.

  • Enhances confidence in clinical decisions with (Auto-Checks) performed on every test
  • Ensures consistent results interpretation with automatic timing and reading of every urine specimen
  • Ready for connectivity to data management solutions (DMS), via a simple upgrade kit
  • Offers a comprehensive point-of-care urinalysis menu for routine testing, detection of early kidney disease and hCG pregnancy testing

Olympus Microscope CX21i (Japan)

Company: Olympus

Plan objectives are packaged as standard, providing image flatness that is among the best in this class. Plan Achromat objectives are included as standard for the first time in this class of microscope, providing sharp images with high contrast right up to the edge of the field of view.

  • Binocular observation tube is inclined 30 degrees allowing for an ergonomic, comfortable posture during observation.
  • Abbe condenser for optimized contrast
  • Rackless stage for durability and ease of use
  • Mechanical stage focus-lock prevents mishaps
  • Anti-fungus treatment for component durability

Welch Allyn CP50-ECG Hospital (USA)

Company: Welch Allyn
  • Reliable, color touchscreen display improves staff satisfaction
  • Programmable report formats that fit your needs
  • Optional MEANS interpretation for improved patient care
  • Optional mobile stand and carrying case for maximized portability
  • High-resolution thermal printer
  • Internal storage of ECGs Results
  • Battery operation lets you easily transport your device to the patient
  • On-screen instructions that guide you through a test, improving efficiency

Medica-EasyRA – FDA, CAP approved fully automated Biochemistry analyser with direct ISE (USA)

Company: Medica

The EasyRA® clinical chemistry analyzer is specially designed to meet the on-site testing needs of small to medium-size medical laboratories. Along with capturing work usually sent out to third-party vendors, the benchtop analyzer enables practices to deliver accurate results and improved patient care.

The EasyRA chemistry analyzer can perform hundreds of tests a day with little oversight by lab technicians. Its ease of use and low maintenance maximizes efficiency and quality of care. This video provides viewers with an overview of the EasyRA chemistry analyzer’s benefits and operation.

TOSOH AIA360-Immuno assay analyzer (Japan)

Company: TOSOH

The AIA-360’s compact and light weight design (40cm x 40cm x 52cm, 29kg) is suitable for physicians office laboratories, work-stations for small hospitals, cardiac and specialty testing.

The AIA-360 is automated with random access. The touch screen user interface provides easy access to screen associated with daily operations. The operator may load bar-code primary tubes or sample cups directly on the system. Once samples and test cups are loaded, all the operator needs is to press START and walk away without further operations.

The AIA-360 utilizes the same 10 minutes incubation, ST reagents as Tosoh’s AIA-600II. With a throughput of 36 tests per hour, the AIA-360 reports its first result in approximately 19 minutes.

SIEMENS ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System

Company: SIEMENS
  • You want higher productivity? ADVIA Centaur CP System provides uninterrupted system processing when loading samples, reagents, and consumables.
  • You want better patient care? ADVIA Centaur CP System supports STAT samples as well as test prioritization of routine samples.
  • You want easier handling? ADVIA Centaur CP System has advanced features such auto dilution, reflex, and reruns without operator intervention.
  • You want more convenience? ADVIA Centaur CP System takes ready-to-use reagents straight from the refrigerator, the same reagents as the ADVIA Centaur XP System.
  • The ADVIA Centaur CP System is an immunoassay test instrument for mid-volume labs. Its broad menu lets you both expand and consolidate – by bringing a wide range of assays to one workstation, eliminating redundant systems.
  • The ADVIA Centaur CP System is easy to operate, increases efficiency and streamlines workflow. It offers the excellent sensitivity and specificity expected from direct Chemiluminescent with Acridinium Ester technology.

Dimension EXL Vitamin D Total Assay

Company: SIEMENS
  • offers efficiency, reliability and accuracy, enabling true workstation consolidation to minimize costs and optimize productivity.
  • Provides excellent sensitivity for accurate differential diagnosis and improved patient care.
  • Delivers fast turnaround time
  • Offers good reagent and calibration stability for improved operational and labor efficiency with less hands-on time.
  • Allows workload consolidation of routine and specialized tests for increased productivity.


  • BacT/ALERT 3D is used for detecting the presence or absence of microorganisms in Blood and Sterile body fluids like CSF, Pleural fluid, Synovial fluid, and Ascitic fluid. Compared to conventional blood culture, BacT/ALERT saves time which is crucial for patients with bacteremia / candidemia as well as prevents contamination.

VITEK 2 system

  • The VITEK 2 system is an automated equipment which assures fast, accurate identification of microorganisms grown in culture and antibiotic susceptibility testing with MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) values to help in choosing the best antibiotic at the right dosing.

  • We are concerned about radiation protection and image quality. Our facility is equipped with Siemens HF X Ray machine with vertical Bucky and Agfa CR 15x with NIP plates. Our goal is to obtain excellent image quality with low radiation dose.

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